Tips for More Effective Sports Results

Proper diet has been run, exercise did not miss the daily routine. But why the result is still less than satisfactory? It could be because exercise or fitness that is less effective.

Tips reported by ourvanity can make your sports activity showed more effective results. Anything?

1. Length Limit Sports

Effectiveness of sports does not always depend on the length of duration, but the type of exercise. High intensity exercise with short duration of the results can be more optimal than low intensity exercise of long duration. By combining cardio exercises and lift weights, you need only 30-40 minutes a day.

2. Exercises with Low Speed

Do not force your body moving too fast when exercise or sports. This can lead to injury and body muscles to work harder when experiencing a contraction in a long time. Adjust the speed with ability and type of exercise you, so muscles can work normally and not tense.

3. Change and Combine Exercise Routines

Change your exercises every two weeks for muscles to move entirely. When sports, combine several types of exercises. For example, cardio with weight training. Jump rope and lifting weights can help you lose weight more quickly, while the pushups and squats to train certain muscles. But if you want to reduce weight while forming some parts of the body, then you should perform full-body workout.

4. Start Exercise with heating and Weightlifting Lightweight

Never exercise without warming it first. Heating or stretching will make muscles better prepared for intensive sport. If you are just starting weight training, start with a light load, just increase the load gradually with the supervision of professional trainers.

Never attempt to lift heavy weights without proper guidance, because it can cause muscle injury, the healing will take a long time.

5. Give Pause to Rest

Rest is very important for muscle repair. Therefore, avoid following some continuous exercise session. Rest your muscles in between training sessions.

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